Navigate Research

Kelli Williams

SVP, Consumer Insights
Current Location:
Chicago, IL
Previous Location:
Chicago, IL
BS in Advertising and Psychology, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Previous Teams:
Sr. Director of Research + Strategy at EnsembleIQ, Director of Research and Strategy at Tribune Publishing, Research Director at C+R Research, Sr. Research Analyst at Socratic Technologies
Current Team Contributions:
Oversee the Consumer Insights, guiding development and implementation of quantitative and qualitative research initiatives. Continuously seek out new and innovative ways to help our clients solve their biggest problems.
Career Highlights:
Returning to Navigate Research after a 3-year stint on the retail / CPG side of research where I:

o Helped a leading shopper marketing agency to define ‘irresistibility’ in terms of shopping experiences and developed a framework that enabled them to live out their mission of ‘making brands irresistible’ for their clients.

o Led a year-long project for a major food manufacturer that entailed weekly independent activities and in-person ethnography with ten households. We got to know the families intimately, learning about their shopping and consumption habits, their interests and preferences, their daily work life, home life, and schedules, their behaviors and the underlying emotions and value systems that drive them.
Other Accomplishments:
Other things you should know about me:
• As of the time of this writing I have a 15-month-old and a 2.5 year old. And a coffee addiction.

• I collect hobbies and as an adult I have taken classes in: photography, calligraphy, design thinking, sewing, tap, French, singing, interior design, real estate and creative writing – just to name a few!

• I love old houses (but the feeling is not mutual). We recently moved from our ‘old’ house (built in 1916) to a ‘new’ one (built in 1890). At any point in time there is probably something notable happening to the house.