Navigate Research

Grace Masback

Gen-Z Consultant
Current Location:
Princeton, NJ
Previous Location:
Washington, D.C.
BA Princeton University (In progress....)
Previous Teams:
WANT News for Teens, The Bus Project, WAG Dog Walkers, Catlin Gabel School
Current Team Contributions:
Navigate Gen Z "Expert" doing my best to help explain my generation. Conducting research studies to learn about the preferences and behaviors of Gen Z.
Career Highlights:
• Speaker at the 2017 Chicago Bulls Partner Summit

• Speaker at the 2016 Navigate Research Client Summit

• Published The Voice of Gen Z: Understanding the Attributes & Attitudes of America’s Next “Greatest Generation,” available via the Amazon platform.

• Writes for the Huffington Post and

• Founder of WANT, a news, sports, and entertainment website that aggregates the best in high school journalism from school papers and teen bloggers worldwide (
Other Accomplishments:
Other things you should know about me:
• I am a proud vegan

• I love love love running

• I am dog-obsessed. My dream career would be a full-time dog-owner. Unfortunately, my parents are encouraging a more lucrative career path.