Navigate Research

Taylor Losi

Manager, Data Strategy
Email Taylor 805.906.0593
Current Location:
Chicago, IL
Previous Location:
Westlake Village, CA
Northwestern University
Previous Teams:
Navigate is all I’ve ever known! Both my first internship and my first full-time job have been here.
Current Team Contributions:
Analyze data for our consultative research reports. Provide secondary research and collect online data for clients who need comprehensive analyses of their sponsorship performance. Value sponsorship deals and consult on best practices for activation and portfolio allocation. Investigate and integrate new software or tools to increase efficiency.
Career Highlights:
Worked extensively on our Fan Experience Study and saw it presented at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Headed the transition for our Data Team from SPSS to Q Research Software. Traveled to Mexico City to work with Club America on optimizing their sponsorship sales.
Other Accomplishments:
Other things you should know about me:
• I love basketball and music.