Navigate Research

James Gilmore

Manager, University Business
Current Location:
Chicago, IL
Previous Location:
North Lauderdale, FL
Previous Teams:
UCF Athletics, Jacksonville Jaguars, Athlete Connections
Current Team Contributions:
Assists with all collegiate project management and client relations, provides valuation and research support
Career Highlights:
• The stars aligning to allow me to come work for Navigate!

• The four-year stretch during 2011-2015 at UCF which were the most challenging in my life so far but also the most rewarding. Highlights include earning my MBA, transitioning to the AAC, the Fiesta Bowl win, our FB game in Ireland, working with our incredible Women’s soccer team during their two year conference championship run, the list goes on.
Other Accomplishments:
Other things you should know about me:
• I tried to participate in San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) but got kicked (dragged) out while running with a GoPro. Reason to go back?

• I’ve driven close to 10,000 miles on several road trips around the U.S.

• I’ve never seen snow besides on mountains …as of September 2016.