Navigate Research

Allyson Corbin

Director, Consumer Insights
Email Allyson 480.659.6218
Current Location:
Phoenix, AZ
Previous Location:
Morehead City, NC
BA University of North Carolina Wilmington, MA Marquette University
Previous Teams:
Teaching staff at Marquette University in Research Methods
Current Team Contributions:
Manage primary research projects from inception to delivery; Oversee qualitative research division; Supervise on-site research studies; Run AZ primary research internship program; Sponsorship Activation team member; Culture Club team member.
Career Highlights:
Serendipitously working with Navigate as an intern in 2011 and continuing to have a blast ever since. Experiencing two Super Bowls, the Women’s World Cup, the Rose Bowl + many, many more remarkable innovative projects is also up there with all-time highs.
Other Accomplishments:
My undergraduate career was funded by Warren Buffett’s sister, Doris Buffett & Marquette paid me to attend their graduate program; UNCW Alumni Spotlight; Five Navigate Service Awards and counting…
Other things you should know about me:
• I made it as a finalist for Season 16 of Big Brother.

• I am an avid hiker, with my latest adventure spent in Havasupai. It’s worth the Google.

• While teaching research methods at Marquette, Jae Crowder was in my class... Jae now plays for the Celtics. I like to think I taught him everything he knows about research (and somehow this leads to his success).