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Utilizing Data Analytics to Engage Your Organization's Target Audience

22-Jun-2016 | Free

Data analytics plays a huge role in any organization’s success. Whether your goal is to engage new customers and fans, deepen loyalties, or increase your bottom line, you must first be able to collect and analyze data. Evaluating data has become an integral part of organizational success, and has taken the "guesswork" out of our marketing initiatives, sales efforts, sponsorship activation strategies, sponsorship asset valuations, etc.

This webinar will discuss some valuable insight on how sports organizations, agencies, & sponsors are leveraging big data related services to reach the customer and enhance their experience. These experts will share some insight on how their organizations leverage their data to better their organizations.

Come learn some best practices from industry executives on how to turn your data into practical and actionable insights that could better your organization! Watch Video

MediaPost Panel - Marketing: Soccer in America

17-Nov-2014 | Free

Our VP of Business Development, Chris Todd presented at MediaPost's - Marketing: Soccer in America Conference on the importance of Hispanic fans in the sports marketing world. This panel was hosted by MediaPost and included other panelists from across the sports marketing industry, incuding the MLS and Univision Deportes. Watch Video

Marketplace: NPR

02-Feb-2015 | Free

How do sports teams get their championship T-shirts so fast? Watch Video

The Value of Modern Research in Sports Business

25-Sep-2014 | Free

This webinar will provide attendees with a rundown of two different qualitative studies that Navigate Research conducted in partnership with ESPN and The Arizona Diamondbacks. Each presenter will walk through their experiences and discuss the value of qualitative research in today’s sports sponsorship world, and how important it is in order to reach your target market. Watch Video

Social Media’s Influence on Professional Sports

05-Jun-2014 | Free

This webinar will provide attendees with a look into the ways that sports fans are using social media and how those insights can be used more effectively to value social media assets in sponsorship deals moving forward. The Social Media Scoreboard is the most comprehensive and insightful report on social media and its influence on professional sports, and it will help people understand the value of fan engagement within sports sponsorships. Watch Video

Measuring Sponsorship ROI

16-Nov-2013 | $99

This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the various ways ROI is being measured and calculated in the sports and entertainment sponsorship space. Our presenters will be specifically discussing bounceback and sales tracking, B2B hospitality tracking, and market research driven ROI estimates. We’ll be walking through methods, examples and calculations of each in order to show attendees how to measure their sponsorships. Watch Video

The Art + Science of Sponsorship

10-Oct-2013 | FREE

The Art + Science of Sponsorship webinar, led by industry experts Dan Migala, Founding Partner of PCG, and AJ Maestas, President and Founder of Navigate Research, will illustrate the art and science associated with capitalizing on sponsorship opportunities. This forty-five minute presentation is designed to provide brands, properties and agencies with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a value-maximizing sponsorship.

Specific topics covered in this webinar include:
• Goal-oriented approach to sponsorship transactions
• Establishment of a creative process
• Role of research and analytics
• Art of negotiating a partnership deal Watch Video

Sponsorship Valuation webinar

11-Jul-2013 | $99

The Sponsorship Valuation webinar will provide attendees with an overview of the valuation process, including the background, objectives, components, key drivers, case studies and calculation techniques. Additionally, attendees will be presented a step-by-step tutorial on the valuation of a mock proposal, which will take into account all quantitative and qualitative benefits associated with a sponsorship. There will be time for additional questions at the end of the webinar. Watch Video

Enhancing Activation Through Research

19-Jun-2013 | FREE

This webinar will provide attendees with a look into the ways brand marketers are using research and measurement to drive activation strategies. Content will focus on best practices, industry trends and will highlight ways brands are connecting with their target consumers through sports, entertainment and music partnerships.

Ryan Maloney (Sony), Kurt Hunzeker (Rawlings) and Chuck Browning (Farmers) will share their case studies and experiences with research and the direct impact it has had when making activation and strategy decisions.

There will be time reserved at the end of the webinar for Q&A with our panelists. Watch Video

Effective Sponsorship and Fan Research

04-Apr-2013 | $99

This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the various ways to approach sponsorship and fan/attendee market research in the sports and entertainment space. Our presenters will be specifically discussing ways to approach the research, what questions/objectives are best met and the pros and cons of doing the research yourself vs. outsourcing. We’ll also be walking through some specific dos and don’ts of conducting this type of research. Watch Video

Leading the Pack: Generating Revenue Through Campus-Wide Partnerships

26-Mar-2013 | FREE

This webinar will provide attendees with insights into the ways universities are proactively taking action to drive revenue through campus-wide sponsorships. Steve Berkowitz from USA TODAY will moderate a discussion with panelists focused on best practices and the challenges associated with establishing campus-wide corporate partners.

Solly Fulp from the University of California- Berkeley, Jeff Kaplan from The Ohio State University and Steve Patterson from Arizona State University will share insights into the process (start to finish), difficulties, successes and impact these partnerships have on revenue and the university as a whole. Watch Video

“Navigate’s approach to analysis and valuation, coupled with insights into sponsor recognition and affinity, have afforded us additional tools to positively impact our existing and prospective partners.” Paxton Wang Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships