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Navigate Daily Round Up 6.19.14

Navigate Research - Thursday, June 19, 2014
Google Launches World Cup Trends Hub

- The folks at Google have launched a new site that tracks trends surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Google has branded it as “a unique glimpse into what the world wants to know during the tournament. 

- Why is this valuable? It gives marketers a window into the minds of people across the globe. The FIFA World Cup is one of the rare sporting events that captures people across almost all nationalities and demographics. These trends are more than likely very representative of the world as a whole.

- It’s also insight into what consumers want. It could be a great resource for marketers trying to target people that enjoy watching soccer. The trends are even broke down based on games, so it’s easy to know which countries searched for what.

FIFA World Cup Participants Not Allowed to Wear Beats Headphones

- FIFA has banned players from wearing the immensely popular Beats by Dre headphones inside the stadiums in Brazil. Why? FIFA has a sponsorship with Sony, a competitor of Beats. FIFA is trying to protect the value of the sponsorship and impact future deals by showing an official sponsorship is still worth it despite the large amount of ambush marketing taking place around this event.

- If you remember, Beats created a viral, five-minute YouTube video that leveraged an impressive array of athletes including Neymar Jr., Jozy Altidore, and Robin van Persie among others. Despite not being an official World Cup sponsor, Beats by Dre has successfully associated itself with the event, as evidenced by the more than 17 million views the video has on YouTube.

Yahoo! To be Founding Partner of 49ers Stadium

- The tech giant Yahoo! Has signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers to be the exclusive online sports content, social networking, and photo sharing partner for the team and Levi’s Stadium. The deal is pretty innovative in nature and allows Yahoo! to wire itself into the in-stadium experience and also social/digital media of 49ers fans.

Creating Sponsorship Assets and Adding Value

Monroestar Inc - Tuesday, June 17, 2014
World Soccer Celebration presented by Western Union

Sports teams looking to add value to their partners should take a look at what the Colorado Rapids are doing during this year’s World Cup. Capitalizing on the soccer craze gripping the country right now, the Rapids have created downtown Denver watch parties for the World Cup games and sold the naming rights of the events to Western Union.

In a sponsorship world where teams are always looking for new inventory and assets, the Rapids successfully created an event that can be activated by multiple sponsors. In addition to selling the presenting rights to Western Union, the watch parties also offer opportunities for the team’s food and drink vendors to get in front of soccer fans (a demographic that typically skews much younger than many other sports).

Within the festival area, Ciao Voice is activating its sponsorship by having a “Ciao Tent” where fans can get their faces painted and make a free 5-minute phone call to anywhere in the world.

The Rapids are also leveraging social media at the event, promoting the hashtag #worldiswatching to gain national and international exposure for the team as well as its partners and the city of Denver.

It’s a win all around for the club, its partners, and the city of Denver. More sports organizations could look to do similar things when seeking to create additional assets and add value for partners and sponsors.

*Note: Impression Sports & Entertainment  is the sales and activation agency of record for the partnerships.

Activation Monday – 6.16.14

Navigate Research - Monday, June 16, 2014
Each Monday on Industry Insights, we’ll share three innovative sponsorship activation tactics from around the sports world. With the USA’s first World Cup game coming later this afternoon, these examples center around the 2014 FIFA World Cup and that sponsorship activation surrounding the global event.

McDonald's Turns Fries Packaging into Virtual Reality Soccer Field

- McDonald’s has turned its fry packages into a virtual reality soccer field as the company redesigns the packaging for the first time in history. The fries tie into the app called McDonald’s Gol! that allows user to play a virtual reality based game.

Listerine's World Cup Newsroom Will Turn Social Posts into Ads

- Johnson & Johnson has chosen to activate in the World Cup through its Listerine brand. The company wants to target millennials by turning social posts into ads and crowdsourcing a hasthag #PowerToYourMouth. Listerine also launched a Twitter account just for this effort. Here’s a little explanation on how it will work from the AdWeek article: “For example, if Germany wins the tournament, a Twitter post may compare the victory to the country's 2006 third place finish. Of course, not all of the social posts will be about soccer, and messages about oral care will be mixed into Listerine’s Facebook and Twitter streams.”

State Farm Shows Why You Need Insurance During the World Cup

- State Farm shows yet another brilliant version of ambush marketing and activation around the World Cup without actually being an official sponsor. The latest ad campaign depicts the “dark side of soccer revelery” and shows reasons fans might need insurance. (Hint: Estatic celebrations often lead to unexpected damages to goods in the surrounding areas)

Navigate Daily Roundup – 6.13.14

Navigate Research - Friday, June 13, 2014
Check out some of the best sports business and sponsorship links from Friday morning.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials from this Week

Adweek’s list of top five commercials from this week simply serves to prove the popularity and potential impact of sports and particularly the World Cup. It’s one of only a handful of truly global sporting events, and brands/marketers know it’s crucial they take advantage of the opportunities.

Visa – Upping Digital for FIFA World Cup

Visa is looking to make a big splash in the digital world during this year’s World Cup. The company is taking advantage of the opportunity to create a connection with potential customers through sports as well as reach a younger crowd through fun and innovative digital strategies.

McDonald’s Launches First Promoted Twitter Trend

McDonalds, which has already changed its fry packaging for the first time ever for the World Cup, just launched an accompanying social media campaign on Twitter with the promoted hashtag #FryFutbol. The trend encourages customers to download the Gol! App so that they can use the newly redesigned fry packaging to unlock a virtual trick-shot challenge.