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Navigate Daily Roundup - 6.10.14

Navigate Research - Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Usually, summer is reserved for baseball. However, the FIFA World Cup captures the hearts and minds of sports fans around the globe every four years, and 2014 is the latest installment in that love story. Never before have fans had more content to consume, more access to coaches to players, and more of a chance to connect with the countries and teams they love than now. Social and digital media have provided a wave of new touch points and opportunities for brands, teams, players, and coaches alike. For that reason, today’s content in the daily roundup will focus on FIFA World Cup stories.  

Facebook launches Trending World Cup hub for soccer fans to keep in touch with the action in Brazil

Facebook is always trying to find new ways to integrate itself into the daily lives and habits of people, and the latest attempt is launching a Trending World cup hub where fans can look at things that are trending surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

World Cup ads aim to build brands, entertain

We all know that the World Cup is about more than just soccer, and brands seem to have universally embraced that this year. Yet, the World Cup is also big business. Sponsors of the world’s biggest event will pay FIFA upwards of $1.5 billion to get in on the action (about $76 million per sponsor). The World Cup seems to have embraced the idea of building brands alongside its event, a great strategy to help its partners achieve maximum exposure and ROI on their large investments

Nike Ambush Marketing

If you’re not a loyalist and faifthful soccer fan and already know that adidas is the official sponsor of the World Cup, you might get confused based on Nike’s impressive World Cup ambush marketing campaign. Leveraging its impressive stable of soccer athletes (Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, and more), Nike has created a “Winner Stays” campaign that gives off the vibe that Nike—not adidas—is the official sponsor of the World Cup.

Activation Monday - 6.9.14

Navigate Research - Monday, June 09, 2014
Each Monday, we will share our insights of the latest innovative sponsorship activation in sports. Internally, our GAS (Gurus of Activation in Sponsorship) keep an eye out for the leading trends in sports sponsorship activation, and we want to share some of those insights with you.

Pepsi Offers #Drinks4Skills via Gaming Vending Machine

Pepsi has rolled out hybrid vending machines with an
interactive gaming experience targeted at soccer fans in the US and Europe. For
a little time, users can showcase their skills and get a free drink. Fans using
the #FutbolNow drink dispenser play as series of football tricks, and the drink
machine displays an avatar mimicking the moves via Microsoft Kinect technology.

This is yet another example of ambush marketing surrounding
the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with Pepsi trying to gain some market awareness
despite not being the official sponsor. It leverages Pepsi’s array of soccer
player ambassadors to make people associate Pepsi with the World Cup rather
than Coca Cola.</p>

Adidas Anthropomorphic Bruzuca World Ball Tour


An official FIFA sponsor, adidas is all in for the 2014
World Cup, expecting to increase revenues by more than $2 billion surrounding
the worldwide event. In conjunction with agency TWBA, adidas developed a ball
with six cameras inside and sent it on a journey throughout the world.</p>

The cameras were used to film images used in a web-episode
series featuring pickup games and behind-the-scenes footage from adidas player
ambassadors. Adidas even created a special Twitter account for the ball

Navigate Daily - 6.6.14

Navigate Research - Friday, June 06, 2014

In the world of sports sponsorship, companies are always looking for unique ways of activating their sponsorships that will draw the attention of consumers and reach different target demographics. Adidas might have just stumbled into something great in terms of sponsorship activation with the announcement that the company will be launch an app that allows consumers to print Instagram photos directly on their shoes. It’s all part of the new miadidas campaign, a new shoe customization platform adidas is rolling out.
Think of the opportunities here for major brands and teams. Pretty much any professional or collegiate sports team could look to partner with both Instagram and adidas in order to set up custom-made Instagram photos relevant to their team or school in order to get consumers wearing shoes with their teams printed on them.

The brand value would be enormous. 50 people wearing Coca-Cola shoes would be like 50 mini billboards that cost the company nothing. In fact, the company would gain money because the consumer would have bought the shoe! It’s a net-net win for everyone involved.

Check out the video adidas posted on its Instagram page earlier this week explaining the app and idea set to roll out in August 2014:

Navigate Daily Roundup - 6.5.14

Navigate Research - Thursday, June 05, 2014

SportsBusiness Journal put out an article yesterday talking about the sponsorship investment Call 811 made with California Chrome jockey Victor Espinoza before the Kentucky Derby. 

“Virginia-based nonprofit Common Ground Alliance "paid $30,000 to have its 'Call 811' logo emblazoned down the right pant leg" of California Chrome jockey Victor Espinoza during the Kentucky Derby, and "after appealing to its members, it was able to secure $89,000 to keep the Chrome placement" through the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, according to Christopher Heine of ADWEEK.”

So, how much value has the Common Ground Alliance gotten in return for its investment? Quite a bit. According to our estimates, the Call 811 logo has generated an earned media equivalency of somewhere between $800K and $1.2 million during California Chrome’s historic march towards a Triple Crown.

Other interesting sponsorship news:

Dunkin’ Donuts finds mobile offers and sports play well together (Mobile Commerce Daily)

- Dunkin’ Donuts is leveraging the power of mobile and sports by teaming up with the New York Mets and Yankees for the “NY Wins; You Score!” promotion. Users in New York that use the Dunkin’ mobile app will get a coupon offer for a 99-cent large coffee following a win by either team.

Six lessons for powerful event social media

- Great article from Richard Ayers on digital strategies to transform connections between brands, audiences, and sponsors. At Navigate, we know that social media is the most effective spend in sports sponsorship. This article gives some great tips on creating content that properly leverages the social asset. 

Google Blog Post: Sports Fans and the Second Screen

- Google put up a great blog post discussing how to properly engage sports fans via the second screen. Lots of good tips in here for sports business professionals.