Navigate Research

The Navigate Research team is among
the best and brightest in the industry

At Navigate, we have recruited the best people in the industry to be a part of our team. Our employees are both experienced and passionate about the job and client relationships.

AJ Maestas
AJ Maestas  President & Founder
Dr. Mark Friederich
Dr. Mark Friederich  Chief Operating Officer &
Executive Vice President
Matt Balvanz
Matt Balvanz  Senior Vice President,
Jeff Nelson
Jeff Nelson  Senior Vice President,
Client Strategy
Dan Kozlak
Dan Kozlak  Director,
Julie Frank
Julie Frank  Director,
Marketing & Public Relations
Tom Vriens
Tom Vriens  Managing Director, Navigate Europe
Brandon Korody
Brandon Korody  Manager, Data Strategy
Jackie Schetter
Jackie Schetter  Director,
University Business
Allyson Corbin
Allyson Corbin  Senior Manager, Consumer Insights
Alexa Linger
Alexa Linger  Director, Partnership Development
James Gilmore
James Gilmore  Manager, University Business
Robyn Matthews
Robyn Matthews  Manager, Consumer Insights
Anthony Piccioni
Anthony Piccioni  Valuation Analyst
Jordan Bloem
Jordan Bloem   Director, Client Strategy
Andrew Fishkin
Andrew Fishkin  Manager, Partnership Development
Sara Knysh
Sara Knysh  Data Analyst
Chase Larson
Chase Larson  Coordinator, Partnership Development
Taylor Losi
Taylor Losi  Manager, Data Strategy
Heather Meyer
Heather Meyer  Director, Partnership Development
Chris Miller
Chris Miller  Manager, Partnership Development
Nicole Solecki
Nicole Solecki  Office Manager