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YP (Yellow Pages)

YP (Yellow Pages)

YP sought the help of Navigate Research to conduct an internal review of their investments to determine whether their financial commitments were providing adequate returns in exposure value for their brand.
Navigate conducted six appraisals of YP’s current sponsorships, which were selected as a cross-sectional representation of their larger portfolio. To determine the value of said sponsorships, Navigate conducted a comprehensive exposure value analysis of each sponsorship agreement. From diligently evaluating all the various points of exposure a sponsor would receive from each property’s allocated sponsorship assets, Navigate was able to ascertain the true market value of the sponsorship.
YP utilized Navigate’s reports to understand which sponsorship types made the most sense from a financial commitment standpoint, as well as a achieving YP’s marketing objectives. Taking the insights learned from the six appraisal reports, YP was able to tailor their sponsorship strategy to achieve the highest return on investment across their portfolio in terms of exposure value and meeting marketing objectives.
“Our experience with Navigate was outstanding; and we would recommend them to our colleagues.” Ward Leber Founder, Child Safety Network