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Airport Marketing Income

Airport Marketing Income

Airport Marketing Income sought the help of Navigate Research to determine the exposure value Lexus was generating through its sponsorship of the Passport Gold Program (a privileged parking program) that has been implemented at Logan International Airport.
Navigate conducted a comprehensive exposure value analysis of Lexus’ sponsorship reaching both those who utilized the program and Logan International airport visitors who were exposed to it. From evaluating all the various points of exposure Lexus received Navigate was able to ascertain the true market value of the sponsorship.
AMI is currently utilizing the valuation report as a case study during its sales presentations to demonstrate the value a sponsor can achieve by partnering with the company. The study allows sponsor prospects to see tangible, justified values that can be garnered through AMI’s marketing programs.
“Having third party credible proof that we are providing a 5 to 1 ROI for our sponsors not only benefits the sponsor, it actually saves the lives of children and makes America a safer place for children to live.” Ward Leber Founder, Child Safety Network